Module memory configuration is not compatible


I’ve got some test projects I used with OpenAT OS 4.21 and I’m porting them to OpenAT 6.34. Some of them were ported succesfully and are working, but one is reporting this error whenever I try to downlad to the modem:

Module memory configuration is not compatible

It’s an M2M Studio failure message so I really don’t know what happens because I reviewed project configuration and it seems there is nothing wrong.

Thank you


See the following post :

Mmmm… I’m afraid it isn’t working at all. When I refresh, it remains the same… :blush:

You probably have to configure your Open AT area flash size for your application, which may be too big for the currently configured size (compare the size of the generated .bin file with the Open AT area size reported in the target status view).
Open AT area size is configured thanks to AT+WOPEN=6 command.

It returns 4096, as soon as binary file takes 147 Kb doesn’t seem like a problem. From time to time this messages arrives but reloading M2M seems to work. Thank you anyway!

Despite that fact, target status seems to be not working at all, even if refreshing, anymore ideas?

Just in case it helps, refresh output is the following:

“DWL”,“V08b0k”,"",“Sierra Wireless”,54744,“061810 16:42”,“efb16c51”,“00010000”
“FW”,“FW_SRC_744_12.Q2687RDG”,“R7.44.0.201008311212.FXT009”,“Sierra Wireless”,2146096,“083110 12:12”,“456cf17c”,“00020000”
“OAT”,“1.0.0”,“testLPM”,“Quimisur”,146928,“110311 10:01”,“5d643645”,“00260000”