Problems with wip_drvIsrSubscribe with the 2.32 openAT Suite

Hi Tyrone,

Thank you for your feedback.

All that needs to be done is that you need to add the following lines into your code:

const u32 wm_apmIRQLowLevelStackSize = 1024;
const u32 wm_apmIRQHighLevelStackSize = 1024;

In my understanding, since around 6.31 openAT release one have to define these stack sizes via “Code generation parameters” form, which will generate “generated.c” :slight_smile: defining these parameters:
For example mine generated.c contains:

// Application version definition
const ascii adl_InitApplicationVersion = “2.01”;
// Low level handlers execution context call stack size
const u32 adl_InitIRQLowLevelStackSize = 1024;
// High level handlers execution context call stack size
const u32 adl_InitIRQHighLevelStackSize = 1024;
// Application tasks prototypes
extern void mainTask ( void );
// Application tasks declaration table
const adl_InitTasks_t adl_InitTasks =
{ mainTask, 24576, “mainTask”, 1 },

{ 0, 0, 0, 0 }


The bad thing with this generated.c that it sometimes regenerated and losts the previously entered parameters - see The Task Table becomes empty when changing Memory Type.
Maybe that was the reason of my problem with ethernet.

Kind regards,