ATE0Q0V0 causes problem when using wip library


Hi all,
is it any possibility to use WIP library after invoking ATE0Q0V0 command. This command disable command echo (E0) and set result code format in digits mode
(V0 - for example “0” instead of “OK” or “4” instead of “ERROR”).
The problem is that many parts of code are using AtCommandSubscribe() function and are waiting for response. When response is in digits mode and command echo is cancelled there is serious problem with invoking that sort of commands.
Maybe you have some idea how to deal with it, or maybe there is another way to establish TCP socket connection via GPRS with remote server without using WIP library. I am working with FASTRACK M1306B. Maybe TCP/IP plugin prepared for FASTRACK supreme works different and is not using AtCommandSubscribe() mechanism. Or maybe there is possibility to construct AT commands that way, that answers are always in text mode (even after ATV0) like e.g. AT+CPIN (first line answer is always print in text mode)
Thank for your help.


ADL uses its own internal settings for options like these; they are described in the ADL manual in a section called “Inner AT Commands Configuration” - you need to read that section carefully!

Changing these settings outside an Open-AT application doesn’t affect what happens within the application.


The problem is that I have to use this settings inside application. Device which is connected to FASTRACK needs those settings to work correctly.


I think you need to give a detailed description of what, exactly, it is that you’re actually trying to achieve here.

If you can’t or don’t want to do that in a public forum, then talk to your Distributor about it…


I have Fastrack M1306B terminal. It is connected to, let’s say, “device” with serial cable. OpenAT aplication is working on terminal (at+wopen=1).
I can add that this “device” is prepared to work with either GSM or GPRS modem. It use standard Hayes AT commands to communicate with it.
After connecting terminal to “device”, this “device” is starting initializing process. First of all it sends ATZ command - terminal is resetting. As application is working on terminal, after reset it is starting. The next command that this “device” sends is ATE0Q0V0. After this command is received by terminal it is not working correctly. It should establish GPRS session with remote server (WIP Library).
I think the problem could be adl_simSubscribe(), when handler is waiting for OK answer, or later
adl_atCmdCreate( “AT+CREG?”, FALSE, NetworkRegistrationCallback, ADL_STR_CREG, NULL ), when callback function also is waiting for answer in string format.
Also in WIP library implementation maybe some functions are waiting for string answers for AT commands, but as I can change something in examples above, I can do nothing in this case.
Could it be the problem?
Thanks for replay.