Using WIP SOFT in Open AT Application

I have developed an Open AT application for my fastract xtend modem. In this open AT application, i want to run some WIP SOFT related AT commands. Can i execute WIP SOFT command in my application like adl_atCmdCreate(“AT+WIPCFG=1”,…); ?
Or should i use wip soft only through terminal?


Have you seen the code examples yet?


no i havent.
do you mean it is not applicable?

Its not clear whether you have no idea how to write an OpenAT application using the WIP library, or whether there is something specific about using AT+WIPCFG you are interested in - hence the suggestion of looking at the OpenAT examples I presume.

I seem to remember that the WIP documentation has some specific information about using WIPSoft AT Commands from Open-AT applications…