my adl_atCmdSend does not work ... have problem ? why ?

hi , everyone ,

i use adl_cmdCreate() it doesn’t work

i use adl_cmdSend() it had problem for “undefined symbol adl_atCmdSend()…”

how ?


I think you have a lib linking error
try to recreate the application with the project wizard and copy the appli.c code over to the new file

Hope this helps

THX , i think it is my firmwear version problem … because the adl user guide have no adl_atCmdSend function ,but adl_atCmdCreate function.

the WIP AT COMMAND (for example: AT+WIPCFG=1), the adl_atCmdCreate return ERROR, why ?
is there some way to use WIP AT COMMAND im my own programme?

to use the wip soft at commands you first need to subscribe to wipsoft commands (wip_ATCmdSubscribe():wink: to use them
but the problem is that they are also handled in the openat application(wiplib) and not by the AT parser
So i am not sure how you qould do that.
But you have access to wiplib why use wipsoft if you have more power/control with wiplib?

Agree :exclamation: