Target R7.4a firmware without using M2M Studio...

Can anyone give some pointers on how to get the toolchain in order so I can use ADS and not have to use M2M Studio?
Sort of the “old” way of building the projects but with the newer libs and stuff…

Use the procedure described below only at your own risk.

Install OAT Software Suite. The latest ‘useful’ version is 2.12 with r72a.
You will need 7Zip (, good anyway).

Run OpenATSoftwareSuite2.31.exe (the newest at this moment?) to start self-extraction. Extraction goes to your %TEMP%\RarSFXn\ directory, or you can Explore the CD (without an install).

Explore the extraction. OS and WIP can be simple copied to newly created OpenAT\OS\ and OpenAT\Plug-ins\WIP\ directories. Folder names are guessed from manifest.xml files.

Firmware is little trickier - 7Unzip RarSFX0\Firmware\ to get plugins\com.wavecom.openat.ide.spm.fw.model.7.4.0.a.200910291816.resources_7.4.0.a_200910291816.jar\resources\ and transfer to your newly created OpenAT\Firmware\R74a_00 directory. The manifest.xml file can be recreated (with some data corrected) from previous version and some missing files copied from swift/swiftIcera subdirectory. Be careful here.

If anything done Ok, you can now use Project Wizard with newest OS.

I suppose the alternative question is: when will M2MStudio be updated to work with ADS? (now Keil?)

Seems the swift_icera dir is for models that support 3G ( )

Now lets just hope that they don’t make it more messy whenever next SDK release comes…

It actually does, since 1.0.0 release…
If one of the ARM toolchains (ADS 1.2 or RVDS 3.1) are installed on the system, M2M Studio detect settings from the environment (and if not, it is possible to configure them manually in the Preferences pages).

Please can you elaborate on why you don’t wish to use M2M Studio?

If one is doing other ARM-based work with the ARM/Keil tools, it doesn’t make sense to have to learn a whole different IDE just for Wavecom - sorry, Sierra Wireless - especially as Eclipse has such a totally (some might say “bizarrely”) different to other “normal” IDEs…

  1. I find Eclipse unusable in general
  2. Near impossible to download files from within Eclipse (that are necessary for OpenAT dev work)… This is either due to crappy internet lines or due to some broken akamai (or other) webcache
  3. The products we develop can not be debugged through the “normal” methods anyway
  4. I much prefer to use Visual Studio as we also do other programming work
  5. Getting ADS to work with Eclipse has so far been a pain

There’s too many things that are simply wrong or not working for us to switch over to Eclipse, especially when we already have working tools otherwise.
Other than that, I echo awneil’s sentiments.

(being lazy and not wanting to start another thread, is there any new USB (to virtual COM port) drivers on the way? The old one cannot handle COMx where x>=100, which affects one of our clients)

My main problem with M2M Studio (eclipse) is the poor pop-up documentation when typing function names. In Visual Studio, which we use for all other programming tasks, it pops up the function definition complete with parameter names automatically when you type a known function.

In M2M Studio you have to press CTRL + Space every single time and then it doesn’t always show the parameter names which is incredibly annoying as you have to know the function definitions in your head for all function unless you want to look them up everytime you need them :angry:

Let me show some example:

Visual Studio:

M2M Studio:

Oh, and how do i disable that annoying auto-complete feature in M2M?? It’s driving me nuts that when i type strcpy( then it automatically adds the end bracket too. How do i get rid of this time-consuming ‘feature’?