I am using Q2686G as my target in M2M. I am new to M2M.

I created a project for helloworld from existing samples.

When i build this application there is no error. But when i try to download from [Target]_ARM_ELF_GCC_Debug there is no .dwl file in it.

Please assist what step i am missing in my project setup?

are you building a debug or a release?

I am building a debug.

Are you building for Target, or Remote (RTE) :question:

I am using for Target also Remote.

I got this problem solved unknowingly.

Can i use the M2M studio for Q24plus?

Yes, with the wizard tool to import the Q24plus library , in the old SDK OpenAT

Hi all,

To open up my Eclipse, I would need the arm compiler. I can’t find the arm compiler in my SDK.

In the manual, it says
"ADS/RVDS compiler path:
This path is the currently used ARM ADS/RVDS compiler version location. This path has to be set by the user once he has installed the ARM compiler on his computer.

I can’t find it in my computer.

Was it integrated in the SDK and if yes, where can I download it? I am using WAVECOM FASTRACK SUPREME.

How is this related to the preceding discussion?

Not at all. All the Wavecom SDKs ship with the GCC compiler

That’s because it’s a separate commercial product that you have to buy from ARM (or, now, Keil).

As the manual that you quoted says, you won’t find it unless you’ve installed it!

This is done and working fine Thank you Jhonathan.

Thankyou Awneil

hi to all,
I am using Q2686 as my target in M2M .i have build this application there is no error, in [Target]_ARM_ELF_GCC_Debug there is .dwl file in it. now i want to ask if i Download(.dwl) the application in this mode .
is it lies permanently in Q2686 .

Yes, it does.

If you think about it, it would entirely defeat the object of Open-AT if this were not the case!

However, it is not explicitly stated in the AT+WDWL documentation; and neither is the fact that you then have to use AT+WOPEN=1 to actually start the application…