M2M Q24


Hi all!
Is it possible to use M2M compile to Q24 series?




u need to send ur Q24 module to the distributor…
he will upgrade the firmware, and it will support m2m.



Can I do this with dwlwin? If yes, where can I get the firmware?

Thanks - Mello.


m2m studio and q24: just go to packages manager and add “file repository” to your old Q24 sdk (Open AT SDK v3.22.exe for example), then you’ll be able to import it in m2m.
Upgrading firmware: easiest thing ever, no need to go to distributor. After you have imported the sdk, go back in packages manager, expand “Open AT Embedded Software Suite Compoinets->Open AT Firmare Packages”, select your firmware and at the bottom of the screen you’ll see “Location” with full path. Open this folder in explorer and you’ll see the dwl files of the firmware inside “resources” subfolder. Then either use built-in m2m studio target management to download the correct file, or just go hyperterminal, connect, type at+wdwl (and enter) then Tools->Send file (and select 1k Xmodem). Go for a smoke and download is complete.


Thanks! Thanks! So much Flex !
I never more will use VS2003 !

Every time that I need to use Q24… was terrible =/

But, another question… is possible to debug (not trace) line by line at m2m?

Thanks - Mello.


Oh and btw, be sure to have WPB compression off on Project Properties->Open AT Application->Build settings or it won’t load on Q24.

As for debugging… it technically should work - select RTE for your build configuration and go test it. It is unstable to the point of being unusable here, but you may have better luck, after all I use it with windows 7 x64, with all compatibility on to even start.


for debugging and the whole remote management part you should keep in mind that they are overhauling that part, and it (should) be stable in the next release.


Don’t be that optimistic :wink:
I mean selima takes major part of the ide being unstable and it is not going away in the next version, but on the bright side it is going away after all.


well, they suggested that selima is going away in the next version.

also, the big instabilities i experience do not seem to originate from selima…
the originate purely in the target management
(eg, the trace view)
when i use the old Wavecom Target Monitoring Tool, all is solid as a ‘rock’



I wouldn’t say that!

It’s always had its “moments” - but the M2MStudio part is far worse.

And M2MStudio seems to have a way of provoking Selima…


How is this upgrade process different if I am using Fastrack Supreme 20 and trying to upgrade from firmware 6.63 to 7.4?

The only file that DWLWin.exe can see is “R74a00-cus-q26-01.wpk”. And when i try to download, following is what i see:

Status: Starting up the target (attempt#4) ----- And this attempt count goes up until 100 seconds are elapsed

And then Status changes to

Status: Boot failure: can not connect with the target
Cannot boot up the remote target: giving up

All other settings seem to be OK. I remember seeing some holding down boot pin theory. I am not a hardware guy. Can some one please elaborate?



The release note gives specific instructions about upgrading from a release 6.…

Wouldn’t it be better to just get your distributor to do this for you…?


it helps if you don’t switch to another topic …

if you’re not comfortable manipulating the hardware i suggest (as awneil does) to let your distributor guide you trough the procedure.


What is the principle bennefit in use M2M and VS2003?


In terms of “user experience”, I preferred Visual Studio.

But Wave… - sorry, Sierra Wireless, no longer support VS - only M2MStudio.


in vs2003… i prefer eclipse… if Icould use VS2010 :laughing:

Well… but compiler is the same, things like this? (updates… etc)


Using a Fastrack M1306B; 657_09gg.Q2406B 1954500 102706 18:44

I’ve imported & installed the packages, and my App builds OK - but it won’t download. :angry:

The only two options available in Properties > Open AT Application > Build Settings > WPB Format are:

  • ZIP Format;
  • No Compression.

It makes no difference which one I select - the download always fails with *** ERROR IN FILE ***

Bootloader version is:

+WDWL: V02.1B

What’s wrong :question:


Never worked with old Q24. But your can check if your .dwl file really not compressed - little bigger than .bin.

If no more suggestions, and if you know how SiWi tools convert BIN to DWL (python script + genbin.exe), your can check file for errors.


Try to download a dwl.dwl file from your firmware catalog. Eg if you use package with 6.57g download dwl.dwl for 6.57g.
Also Q24 is ok to use compression if provided with valid downloader. But we do not even try to update Q2406 which are way too old.


I don’t deal with Q24 anymore, but what I remember from the days was “no compression” and 256k memory type. Btw do clean the project and full rebuild after you change that stuff, just to make sure it actually does anything.