Unable to build target mode applic from Cygwin command line

Everything goes ok but I can’t find .obj .wpb.dwl and .dwl files from compiler/out directory. Also next error message is generated in tmp-file: arm-elf-gcc: gcc_wmadl_302.b03.lib: No such file or directory

Also in terminal window there is same info and something about Invalid cross-device link

I did building as described in TU_Open_AT_3-02_Tutorial_-_v6 chapter 4.3
and I use GCC Compiler.

What I did wrong?


Is it a sample project from Wavecom you are trying to build or is it your own project?

It looks like the lib file is not properly included in the project

Its not unlikely that something went wrong with the installation of your SDK and thats why you get this path errors.

See other topics in this forum that discuss installation problems…


Is is too late, but might be helpful for people who will be faced this error in future and try to search the forum.
So, we’ve just faced this error and found a solution. The problem is in that Unix ‘ln’ command cannot make hard link on a cross-device basis, i.e. when the source file in on C: and the link to be created proposed to be on D:
Both file and hard link should be on the same logical drive, so we moved our project from D: to C: and all went OK. However, it is no good, and Wavecom should concern to rewrite ‘wmmake’ script with using soft links instead of hard ones.

Note that here is a specific forum in which to make such requests:

Suggestion Corner: wavecom.com/modules/movie/sc … ex.php?c=3
Open AT: wavecom.com/modules/movie/sc … m.php?f=23
“Want new functionality, better tools, documentation. This is the place to express your needs.”