How to make .dwl file from .mak file


Hello i have a problem with the Hello_World example. I’m doing all the steps from the tutorial and the file i create is only .mak. how can i create the .dwl file;


What version are you using?

What environment (eg, Visual Studio)?

Are you sure?

They are:

  1. Create the Application with Open-AT Project Wizard;

  2. Build the application - use Visual Studio to build Remote Mode, ARM/GCC compiler for Target mode (the ARM/GCC build can also be invoked from within VS - but you have to invoke both builds separately);

  3. Run the Application - from Visual Studio for Remote Mode, or download to the unit for Target mode.


I’m using muse 3.10 and visual C++ 6.0
i do the first step. i can’t understand what i’m doing wrong after that. can you send me the steps? i want to download the program to the Q2501.
thank you for your help…


The steps are in the Tutorial - I thought you said you were following it? :confused:

You also need to read the Tools Manual

Did you carefully follow the instructions in the Getting Started document to install the tools?


Ok i solved the problem.



Perhaps you’d care to share the solution, for the benefit of others?


I haven’t checked win32 debug from the paragraph 3.1.1 of tutorial PDF because I couldn’t found this option.
I have another question; can I emulate the any program without device Q2501 and see the result on my PC?

I’d appreciate your help.



The Remote Mode relies upon having a Wavecom unit present to run the “core” Wavecom software - the PC just simulates your Open-AT applications, and communicates with the “core” running in the Wavecom unit.

See the description of the Remote Task Environment in the Tools Manual