Gcc and c++

Hi all,

I’m a newbee with the wavecom development tools and eclipse IDE, and have some questions regarding the envirunment itself.
I am tring to find the right toolchain & settings to make applications using c++ language.
Does the ARM9 GCC toolchain will work for the wavecom, does anyone ever tried to replace the native GCC toolchain with something else.
What are all the batch files the wizard creates, and how do I stop it from updating them?



Thanks, but as you can see I’ve already posted a help message in that thread.
The thread does not contain any information on how to create your own IDE and how to enable c++ programing.

Yes, I can see that - so why are you just duplicating that here?
It just creates confusion, by having exactly the same thing in two different places!

No - but it does confirm that C++ is not supported.
Therefore, if you want a C++ environment, you’re going to have to build it yourself from the ground up.
I very much suspect that you’ll find it easier just to write in ‘C’

Or maybe you should look at Lua…?

thats thread confirms that c++ is avaiable, and working with the wavecom module, What I am asking is instructions on how to create my own c++ envirunment working with the current toolset.
I dont want to use ‘C’, and there are persons here that manage to get the IDE work with c++, all I am asking is instructions on how to do it.
I belive that this is why the this forum exist…

is that some kind of joke, what is Lua?

wavecom.com/modules/movie/sc … plugin=lua