libstdc++ and open at sdk


Hi there…

I’m using .net 2003 and attempting to build a wavecom project.

After poring over the .mak files that are generated I can now do the following:

  • Use any version of cygwin.
  • Build a project in debug and release in .net 2003 in c++, debug and run.
  • Compile for the wismo target. but not link.

I’ve looked through the sdk, and there doesn’t appear to be libstdc++ for the version of gcc that is distributed ( gcc 3.0.4 ) with V310.

Can anyone point me in the direction of the c++ libs? It would be a massive help to be able to use c++, for the program structure alone!!!




Doesn’t the SDK assume that you are writing ‘C’ rather than C++… :question:


It does, but i’ve made quite a few modifications to the makefile so that we can both build with any version of cygwin and using c++.


#4 :question:



thanks for the replies. There is a g++ compiler with the open at sdk, however there are no thumb interworking libs in those directories, though there are for C. If there is nothing special about the standard libs that we have to worry about ( special memory address for sbss etc ) then there is no reason we can’t use a pre-compiled lib, however if there is we can’t really use any of the libs that exist there.

I’ll have a look and see what we come up with.