What sources does Wavecom use for the gcc compiler suite?


Are you trying to build your own version of GCC, or are you testing their compliance to the GPL?

If it’s the former, just run “arm-elf-gcc -v” on their version and then go to gcc.gnu.org and download the apropriate version. Worked for me.

I was mostly just curious as to why Wavecom uses Linux GCC binaries running under Cygwin running under Windows rather than simply using Windows GCC binaries. Or better yet set up their platform to run directly under Linux. Their development platform is extremely slow and is in desperate need of fixing.

Was also curious as to why they have a separate fix for GCC sprintf. I’ve used GCC on Hitachi processors and it’s brilliant. Why doesn’t sprintf work for floating point and why not fix GCC itself. And why did I have to write my own routines for sine and cosine when they are part of the standard library?

Also curious as to why there has been no response to this question from anyone at Wavecom. They don’t seem to pay much attention to this forum.

As with most user forums, I don’t think this forum is officially monitored by Wavecom.

If you want a specific response from Wavecom, you need to go via your usual support channel - usually your Distributor.

See: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=8

Technically, they aren’t Linux binaries, but Cygwin binaries. Linux binaries don’t run natively under Windows with or without Cygwin.

Turns out, it wasn’t that hard for me to port OpenAT to Linux. Some of their engineers must already use Linux because their scripts already detect Linux and behave appropriately. If you want information on how I ported it to Linux, I can post my notes.

That’s one of the reasons I switched to Linux. Now I’m slowly removing other unnesessary options from their scripts (ADS, VisualC, etc.)…

I> f you want information on how I ported it to Linux, I can post my notes.

Yes, please do.

Are you using minicom under Linux to download to the Supreme? It doesn’t work for me.

I’ve made a new thread on porting to Linux. I added some comments on minicom in that post (it needs work).