C++ language


How can I use C++ language in my openAT application?



Not C++, I’m afraid


Why would you like to use C++ ? Is there something that you can’t do with C ?


C lng. is the best way of prog. for electronic parts. If you wanna to use asm may be. But othe lng. is not usefull for capacity problems…


2 much abbrev. bad 4 understanding! :confused:


If one knows what to use and what not, C++ is ok and should not generate more code than C. C++ is better at separating data from code and thus it leads to better code readability.

Although I did not try this, as long as one uses gcc, there is no reason why C++ won’t work for programming for OpenAT. Only that the Wavecom libraries and headers are not C++ ready, but a clever programmer can overcome these limitations.



Which probably amounts to saying, “If you need to ask the question, then you’re not ready to do it”… :wink:



Is just that the gcc compiler is not ready for C++ or what?


I use C++ instead native C in my projects for q26(86/87), and compile it ARM ADS and GCC. It works on module, but i’ve made many changes (framework) for ADL and other wavecom APIs, because we can’t use API ‘as is’ in C++, for example i should transfer ‘this’ pointer in all callback functions, because them should be ‘static’ in C++. But I do not regret that have spend a lot of time for making framework for c++, because it more easy making project on c++.


KravchenkoA, would you post the changes you made to the build environment to get C++ working?