Is possible to progam at C++ language?


Hi All!
Is possible to program with M2M studio with c++ for Q64?

And anyone has problems with M2M studio at Windows 7?



It is possible, but Open-AT is provided as ANSI ‘C’ - so it may well be a lot easier for you to stick to that.
Many people find enough difficulty just coming to terms with Open-AT itself - without the extra complication of trying to add C++ support!

Are you familiar with mixing C and C++?

Are you familiar with integrating C++ support into Eclipse and GCC toolchains?

There are plenty of informative posts in the forums on this subject but, Unfortunately, the forum does not allow you to enter “C++” as a search term - so you’re going to have to browse for them manually…


But see: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=3766&p=15530#p16729