Visual Studio 2005 - creating Open AT project


im totaly new into C++, before i used C# so forgive me my stupid questions :slight_smile:
How can i create Open AT project in Visual Studio 2005 (C++)? Its possible? Or maybe i must use GCC?


I have Open AT SDK 4.11

In the SDK 4.11, you have to use Eclipse with GCC. They are included into the SDK normally

While I believe VC++ 2k5 can generate ARM binaries (like for Windows CE devices) these are not suitable for the GSM modules.

If you have the knowhow, there’s nothing that prevents you from using VC++ 2k5 for all development and call the SDK tools to produce a binary.
Otherwise just go with Eclipse even if it’s not that good.

Wavecom really should fix their stuff to generate VC++ 2k5 projects as it’s a much nicer environment to work in, and maybe even fix their stuff so that you can use it as the exclusive compiler as well.