Support for Visual C++ 8.0?

Is it possible to use the Open AT Project Wizard with Visual C++ 8.0 as the associated IDE? As of now it doesn’t recognize Version 8.0. Is there a way to around this?


I forgot to mention:

I am using Open AT IDE Version 1.02.03
Project Wizard Version
WMToolkit DLL Version

Does this help: … .php?t=246

Yes it does! Either this forum search tool isn’t very robust or I am an idiot and missed that post. Regardless, thank you for the reply!

I noticed in your response in that thread, you said:

Could you explain that a bit further please? Should I create a project with no associated IDE and then do what you explained?



I have tried to follow your instructions, but get a “.vcs: No such file or directory” error. Am I missing something?


Try with .scs instead…
List the files and see what file it is manually if you want…

Yes - there was a typo in my original post. :blush:

“vcs” should have been “scs”

The clue is in the name of the command: wm_[color=red]scs2[color=blue]vcproj - it converts a [color=red].scs file to a [color=blue]vcproj