Checkbox option "Launch Development Enviornment" n

I am new to Wavecom. When i launch OpenAT Project Wizard version 3.01 the checkbox option titled “Launch Development Enviornment” is not enabled and when I create a Project it throws an error. I am creating a project with the default selection.

I have Visual C++ 6.0 with SP6 Installed and also Visual Studio 2005 installed with SP1 and I have a Windows XP SP2 Operating System.

Can you anybody please guide me where I am missing?[/img]

The Project Wizard doesn’t recognise VS 2005 - see: … tudio+2005

Note that v3.01 is now well out-of-date - if you’re just starting, it might be better to start with something more recent…?

However, the latest recognised VS version is still only 2003 - Wavecom are moving to Eclipse instead of VS…