Does the SDK work with Visual Studio 2005


I was wondering if it is possible to use Visual Studio 2005 with OpenAT.

Is anybody in this forum already using it?


Hi Jan
There is no Liberies for VS2005 and I do not there will ever be because wavecom is working on Eclipse and I think in the future you will only have support on Eclipse

Hi Walter,

interesting answer… Thanks!!

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Hi Walter,

your information is very interesting.
Do you know when wavecom will start the first version with Eclipse?
When wavecom will support this IDE, do you know from which OpenAT version (4.x or higher or also down to OpenAT 2.x or 3.x)?
And my last question: When wavecom will uses Eclipse with gcc, so it is right, that they will be also support gdb as debugger?

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I have asked wavecom all these questions and I am still waiting for an answer on these questions
I know that the first launch will be with the Q2687H.
I have heard rumors that it would be backward compatible to OpenAT3.
But I am waiting for conformation.
And I am not sure if they will support "gdb "
But they will use "CDT"component as the design environment.
And later they will insert all the wavecom tools eg.Target Monitoring Tool into Eclipse.
I am sorry but this is all the info to my dispsal at the moment.

Thanks for asking.

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The only thing I can add is that the Eclipse integration is to be completed by Q4 2006 (hey, we need a Christmas present). Wavecom have roadmapped two phases, first for ‘CDT’ and second for ‘Tools Integration’ as Walter has mentioned. I think the ‘CDT’ phase release may be available very soon??

I think the release date will be in June (because that should be the date for Q2687H).
I think that eclipse will be very nice(I hope it will be easier to install? :wink: )

I have been using Visual Studio 2005 every since it came out and I don’t seem to find much problems associated yet. Funny… I’ll let you know if I come across anything.

I Have just compiled my first app with Eclipse :smiley:
It is quite tricky.
You first need to write a make wrapper for the App.mak that is created with the project wizard.

Is there any update on this?

Exactly what part does MSVC play in the development process?

What are the “libraries” that are needed by MSVC?

Would it work with the “Express” edition of MSVC 2005? … t/faq#VCPP

(presumably not, if it doesn’t work with the “full” MSVC 2005… :frowning: )

To answer my own question: yes, it does work with the MSVC 2005 Express Edition. :smiley:

The Wavecom “Project Wizard” and “Open AT Settings” tools don’t detect it, so the MSVC project is not created automatically; but it can easily be done manually - just open a BASH window, change to the project folder, and type wm_scs2vcproj .vcs (where is the name of your Open AT Project)

This will create an MSVC project that can be opened in MSVC 2005 Express Edition. From here on, the process is as describe in the Wavecom documentation.

Presumably, the same would apply to a full version of MSVC 2005…?

I am just getting started with Open AT. I don’t have access to Visual Studio and want to get to grips with using Eclipse to develop Open AT applications. Can anyone provide me with useful help on “importing” the project created by the project wizard into Eclipse? What extra “plug ins” for Eclipse are needed?

Many Thanks

Hi mark_newbs
The eclipse is only in Beta phase now.
And it is only for Q2686 and Q2687 for now
You need to speak to your distributor to get this Beta version.
Microsoft has anounced that VC2005 express is free of charge
so you can download VC2005 express free from microsoft website
and then follow the steps as described by awneil

I tried Eclise and I find VC much easier to use.
Best regards

Oops - spot the typo! :blush:

“vcs” should have been “scs”

The clue is in the name of the command: wm_[color=red]scs2[color=blue]vcproj - it converts a [color=red].scs file to a [color=blue].vcproj file… 8)

With the Open-AT IDE, “open a BASH window” is achieved by clicking “Open AT IDE Command Line” in the Windows Start Menu

Note that the “Open AT IDE Command Line”, being UNIX, requires forward slashes intead of backslashes in path names…

On the New OpenAT 3.13 and openAT 4.XX there is an easier way now
Create a new file called “anything.reg” and copy the following into the file:

Save the file and excecute it.
Now your PC thinks VS2003 C++ is installed.
And now it will create the VS2003 project file automatically.
So start project wizard and select the Visual C++ 2003 IDE type
When you open this file in VS2005 it will automatically convert to V8.0 project(VS2005)

or you can use eclipse.
But I still prefer vs2005 :laughing:

hi awneil

How i do for change to the project folder in the “Open AT IDE Command Line”.


The “Open AT IDE Command Line” is effectively a UNIX command line (it’s a cygwin bash shell, to be precise) - so you use UNIX-style commands.

The command is still “cd”, but you have to use forward slashes - not backslashes - to separate the folder names in the path; ie,

PC-style: cd c:\my\project\path
UNIX-style: cd c:/my/project/path

and remember that UNIX is case-sensitive

With MSVC 2005, I get loads of warnings about deprecated library functions.

You can suppress these warnings with:

#if _MSC_VER == 1400
// MSVC 2005
#define _CRT_SECURE_NO_DEPRECATE 1  /* Suppress warnings about Standard 'C' Library functions */
                                    /* like strcpy, etc.                                      */

See the Microsoft documentation for further details…

I also get loads of warnings caused by the errror in wm_types.h - see: … =msvc+2005