M2M studo or OpenAT SDK

Hi, All

I have used Q24 series with OpenAT sdk 3.14, frimware 657c with VC++ 6.0 IDE.
Now I am using Q2686 and I having M2M studio.
but i am more familiar with VC++ rather M2M.

my qustion is, Can I used VC++ as a IDE for programming Q2686.
I there any settings need to do in Project Wizard in OpenAT sdk.

Please help me.


Hi, the lattest version of OpenAT SDK included the R72 firmware version. If you have R73 or R74 you must use M2M.

Pd: i think that firmware 657c and 657d is a bugged version. If you can, use 657e.

Well, you don’t have to; it’s just that Wavecom are not supporting VS any more - so, it you want to use VS, you’re going to have to work out how to configure it all yourself.

If you search this forum, you’ll find details of how to build Open-AT using makefiles - without any IDE.
VS can, I beleive, be configured to build using a makefile…

Actually IT IS configured to build using makefile.