System already exists in the platform with the same identifier

Hi, trying to register a EM7455 Dell modem in AirVantage. I purchased the modem off a reseller on eBay. I’m getting the message that a system already exists using the same IMEI for this modem. The seller is not responsive. What can I do?

I saw there is “need help ->Contact us” in the Airvantage website, you might go and seek help there:


Thanks, that was my first instinct too. Unfortunately there is only links to the forum and a feedback form. No contact form.

how about this:

I filled out the form. Looks like its for store orders though. I guess its worth a shot.

No contact back from support and still receiving this error.

“ A gateway already exists in the platform with the same identifier”

Is the modem “junk” considering I have no registered claim to it’s administration?

You can still establish data connection with it, right?

Correct, a data connection works fine

Then it is not junk, right?

Depends how you look at the situation.

You just cannot firmware upgrade by airvantage, right?
You can local upgrade by exe file.

Thanks, I just gave that a go and it worked after a little trouble with timing.