A system already exists in the platform with the same identifier


I am trying to add an GX450 to my airvantage, and i keep getting error “A system already exists in the platform with the same identifier” and this device does not exist in my current airventage, i only have one RV50 in it and this would make my second device but it keeps getting that error.

Note: this Modem used to be managed by our old ISP, and we canceled them and we just activate it using a Verizon sim card.
I am wondering if my old ISP has this system in their airventage and that is why i am having this problem.

I so, how can i fix it without contacting them.



The best way to do this is contact your distributor/commercial channel through who you bought the unit (or is this the ISP?) and they should be able to arrange to have it removed from which ever account it is currently registered to once they have confirmed who everyone is and who owns the unit.




thank for the advise, i guess i will have to contact earthlink, i was just wondering if there was another way.
Thank you.


Same issue, except mine came from an RMA/Warranty replacement.

I don’t have a login to the portal to submit a technical request.