Device id is not registered durring adding a new FXT009


I’m completely new to emmbeded openAT hardware, but i had an AirLink FXT009 and a project to do.
I’m using a trial version of AirVantage. I have read all the documents about software developements and it all loks so simple till now.
I just wanted to add a new hardware to airvantege platform by clicking on "Device Management -> Devices tab -> New button. In a new window i chose my company, device group, device model (airlink fxt009_device_activation) and IMEI for uniqueID Type . Then NEXT, here i’m typing a name (test), serial number of my modem BHxxxxxxxxxx100, state: activation ready, then next and in a new window I’m typing a IMEI number of my modem (15 characters) and when i click on FINISH button an error pop out saying “DEVICE ID IS NOT REGISTERED” :frowning:. I tried almost everything for last week and i don’t know what to do next, could some one help me with that ?

Best regards,


Hi Christopher,

in the context of the AirVantage trial account, you need to use a “_DevProg” device models. That is to say, instead of using an “FXT009_device_activation” model, select a “FXT009_device_activation_DevProg” model.

It should work then.

I’m asking right now our Ops team to hide non Developer Program models for Developer Program trial accounts, in order to avoid confusion.



Hi Christopher,

I just posted this: … 897#p24732 that you may feel of interest.