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We have few FXT002 devices and we need to implement upgrade over the air for it. I’m a bit confused by your portal and account registration. Can You plz show me the main steps to achiev our goal?

You really should speak to your Distributor, and get them to demostrate this to you.

I think you have to speak to them anyhow to get an account set up…?


Here’s what you need to do:

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So for have the ability to upgrade our FXT002 over the air we must have an AirPrime Management Services account? How can we get it?

No, you don’t need too. Sorry, I didn’t make it clear: if you don’t have one, go to the developer zone “Cloud Platform” section ( … tform.aspx), and register an AirVantage trial account there (on the left panel). It’s free! (although the account is limited in term of time to 6 months, and in term of number of devices you can connect).

Got trial account, but when i try to add fxt002, it is an error Device is is not registered. And can i ask about programming fxt002 device in this thread or should i go to another?

Hi, regarding the error you get while registering your fxt, it’s strange in deed, the error does say something like “Device is is not registered”?
If the error is not more explicit than that, we may need to have more info on the device info you provided to register it.

For your question about programming your fxt, if it is related to the subject “update of the air” that you mentionned at the beginning of the thread, I think you can pursue here, otherwise I would recommand another thread : depending the subject of the new tread: if it is related to “AirVantage platform and tools”, you can add it in this section, otherwise for generic fxt develepment, the correct section will be “Programmable gateways” I think.


It’s somehow related. Will be OVA upgrade processing if I use lowpower sleep mode for my fxt002?

adl_atCmdCreate(  "AT+W32K=1",FALSE,w32k0_callback,  "*",  NULL);

Or there are any alternative ways?

I’m trying to add a new image into Update Package Administration, but I’m confused what format should I use. And anyway, it message about error “Forward Update Zip does not have .foto file”.

I’m afraid the services platform doesn’t recognize the device S/N you are trying to put in. Did you actually fill in correctly all mandatory device information (especially S/N and IMEI) while trying to create the device ?

My advice (also provided by @awneil already) is to go to your distributor (the guys who sold you this device) and make sure to get from them:

  • confirmation that the device you have in your hands is indeed a Sierra Wireless, enabled with remote software upgrade capabilities
  • user documentation of AirPrime Management Services (eg to get all info required to declare a new software package)

When you have all confirmation above (and the docs in your hands), I’m pretty sure everything will work fine (whether you are in the dev zone environment or with a full-blown AirPrime Management Services account. If not, let us know…

Just a comment: the Dev Zone environment is a limited environment for testing and discovering the services. In the end, if you want to have remote SW/FW upgrades for your devices, you will need to have a proper AirPrime Management Services account for yourself. To get such an account, you should ask your distributor for this…


Yes, i I’ve filled all device info correctly. But if I choose AirLink_FXT009_device_activation_DevProg using S/N and IMEI from my FXT002 - device adds succeffuly.

So i can’t test SW/FW remote upgrade with trial account?

Any one have an answer?

Hi !
You should be able to test FW/SW upgrade with a trial account. What I meant before is that a trial account is not intended to be used on the field, so if everything works fine, before you move to “commercial” use, you should go to your distributor to get a proper AirPrime Management Services account.

Also, adding a SW/FW package is described in the documentation (do you have it ?). My first answer would be that you can declare a new SW package by putting the binary (.dwl) file into a zip, and upload it as a “new software” (eg. not a delta).

As for your question about low power mode: I personnally don’t have experience with remote sw upgrade while in sleep mode so can’t help you on this one. If no one gives you an answer (and if you can’t find the answer in the doc after 10 min of research), I would say the best way to know it is to test (once you have your sw package declared on the server :slight_smile: )

BTW, extract from the AT command interface:

FYI “GSM paging” means “GSM incoming call” (eg. SMS MT) (I didn’t know it myself before this morning :slight_smile: )

:laughing: :laughing:

Ty for a .zip tip, successfully uplaoded image and created job for upgrade. Job is at APPLIED state atm, how can i know about success or fail attemp to upgrade sw?
What docs you mean? I have this documents:
AirVantage Operating Portal User Guide V3.5.pdf
AT Commands Interface Guide for Firmware 7.45.1.pdf
Connecting a Communication Device to the AirVantage Operating Portal.pdf

And this i’ve got from my distributor:

The quotation of my post above comes from the AT commands interface guide that you seem to have in hands already.

As for the SW/FW upgrades documentation, I was referring to the “regular” AirPrime Management Services documentation, where everything is explained (with screenshots). I don’t know about the AirPrime Web Services guide you are referring to…
do you mind sending me this documentation so that I can double-check what this is about ?

Thx in advance