supreme 20 SMTP/POP

Hi guys,

I have some problems using my fasttrack supreme 20 for sending and receiving email using SMTP and POP. I have downloaded the WIPSOFT on to my modem but I wont be able to use the SMTP and POP. I have been busy on this for a while now but I keep getting the same error over and over. I have been using the example out of the WIPAT user coammand guide but wont be able to complete it. I keep getting the error 831 (bad state).
I have made a new hotmail account to use the adress in this example. I have been using different APN names, user names, passwords and IP adresses bacause I thougt I did something wrong. I have been told that I dont even need a username and password in the WIPBR command so I am not using any.
Last week I had a course from a guy from wavecom and he also did not know what my problem was, he told me he was going to try to find out if he could find me the solution, but gave me the advice to also post a message on the wavcom forem.

This is what I have done:

AT+WIPBR=2,6,0," "
AT+WIPBR=2,6,1," "

All goes well untill: AT+WIPCREATE=6,1,“”,25,“arnoldmlt”,“drives”, I do get back OK, but not the WIPCREATE: 6,1 If I than try to go on with: AT+WIPOPT=6,1,1,61,"" It will give me the error, so somewhere in the above I did something wrong.
I am using a MTN SIM and tried with the different APN names, usernames and passwords that are on the web, but it doenst matter.

Does any body have idear on what I might be doing wrong. Maybe I am just stupid but I dont see the problem myself so I hope somebody knows what I am doing wrong.

Thank you in advance,


Hey Guys,

I found the problem. Hotmail does not support this at al because they dont allow you to use SMTP and POP at all, for some strange reason.

So now I have been using my company email and my gmail and they wont work because of an Authentication error(error 865). This is because I need to use SSL and/or TSL secured connection. Does anyone have any idear how to use this…??
I know there is a plugin from wavecom that does support it but I dont want to use Open AT, but just the AT commands. The company I work for, do my internship, does not allow me to use Open AT, they just want to use there own C compiler. So I will be writing a small C program that will send out the AT commands.anyone any idear. maybe I will find out myself and then I will post it one here.

I think it is strange that There is so little information about this, I am sure I am not the first to encounter this problem. Even my distributeur does not have an answer and he promised me to look into it…!


Hi everybody,

So my distributeur is still finding out how to use SSL and/or TSL secured connection using just AT commands. But I already found another way to send and receive mail just by using the AT commands. I used a free SMTP server program that is running on my own pc. This way the modem will send an email to my pc and my pc will forward it to the mail server, in this case
So I am able to send and to receive mail.

Now my next problem is how to send an attachment along with the email. So when I send an email I need to add a fault report that will be created by the machine, and then I also need to receive an email with an attachment on the machine so adjustments can be made. I also asked this to my distributeur and he promised me to look into it. According to him it is possible, and I have read how to do so by using Open AT, but as said alreay I just want the AT commands so I can use them in my own C pogram.

If anybody has any suggestions please share them with me. I will be working on it myself also so if I find out, our my distributeur does before anybody else has done I will post the answers so it may be usefull to others.



Hey Gyus,

I have been working on this problem for a while now and according to my distributeur it should be possible to do attachments, but he and also the people he knows at wavecom dont have any idear on how to do this… :confused:

I did some research myself and I think it is possible to:
When I use al the AT commands mentioned above I get to the point where the WIPFLE command replies with “+connect” and than I can put in text like I want and send an email just with plain text. The email itslef is generated with the headers I told the modem to use like, From:, To:, subject etc. But the Content-Type is generated without me doing anything. And it is set to Content-Type: text/plain; Because I want to attach a file inline I would like to change this to–> Content-Type: multipart/mixed; If I can do this than I can put some more headers in the body of the email and create an email with attachment inline. But I have now idear if it is possible to change the Content-Type and even if it is, how. Maybe this is not the right place to aks for help on the subject but I stareted the subject and if somebody can tell me if this is possible than I can also post the rest of my solution on here so more people can use it.

Hope somebody can help me on the way…!


So there I am again.

I found out that at the moment it is not possible to do what I want…! Wipsoft is not ready for this yet and the possible options I had to go around wipsoft are not of any use because of different kind of reasons. I will have to give in on the OpenAT and write my own application…!

Does perhaps anybody know if it is possible to get the source code of the wipsoft I downloaded in to my modem. Maybe I can just add the functionality of adding attachments to emails without writing an application but just adjust the wipsoft, so I have it all in one time…

So please if anybody knows let me know where I can find the source code of wipsoft.