"ERROR" response to all comands but AT


Hi, I just received a new Fasttrack Supreme 20 unit which is only reponding with “ERROR” to all commands except AT which responds OK and AT+WDWL.

Any thoughts?


if it’s new, and you’ve only just received it, then get straight onto your supplier - don’t mess with it!


I am getting an RMA from them but I hoped I might be able to fix it myself and save me the trouble of RMA.




Interestingly, I also received a Fastrack Supreme 20 some time late last year (prob Nov or Dec) and finally got around to working with it just now after the New Years. I have the exact same problem. AT returns OK but everything else returns ERROR.

We’ll contact our rep but is this a “known problem”?


While I can see it’s been some time since the last posting on this thread I just had the same issue so it may be worthwhile to post my solution.

I’m using a serial cable to talk directly to the Fastrack now but had used a usb adapter to allow me to test the connections that would be used when my main circuit board was connected via the uart. What I found was that the usb driver software was acting as an AT based modem and I wasn’t talking to the Fastrack at all. If you can get it to do a ‘at&v’ command to view the settings if it doesn’t look like the listing in the AT command manual then this could be the problem. That was what led me to find this issue. Disconnect the serial cable and send another AT command. If you still get an OK response you’re not talking to the modem.

One other interesting point is that I had different responses from the same driver installed on pc’s using XP and 2000.