Sudden LX40 Network Connection Issue


I am experiencing issues with a LX40 router and looking for technical guidance.

The router initially had strong network signal strength for multiple days however recently it is consistently losing network connection until the router is rebooted. After rebooting, it picks up a weak (yellow LED) signal for a few minutes before losing connection, and does not pick up connection again till rebooted.

Nothing with the physical location or antenna position has changed since its initial start up. Any troubleshooting steps to recommend? Does this sound like a defective hardware issue?


Hi adhish.srivastava,

  1. What ALEOS and Radio Module firmware versions LX40 are you using? If you are not in the latest firmware, please download the latest one and retry.

  2. How many LX40 devices did you observe this issue? If It’s just only one, could you please retry on another LX40 device?


Thanks for your response.

  1. The LX40 is currently on ALEOS software version 4.15.1 and Radio Module WP7603. Is the issue I described a known problem with these versions? I can attempt to upgrade the firmware if so, do you have any documentation providing instructions? Do I need a direct Ethernet connection to the LX40 to upgrade?

  2. This issue was observed for just 1 LX40 device and unfortunately I do not currently have another unit that I can test in that location.

Hi @adhish.srivastava,

Please refer to Update the ALEOS Software and Radio Module Firmware section is on page 25 of the Software Configuration Guide at the following link: