Lx40 doesn't want to connect to the NETWORK

The Lx40 doesn’t want to connect to the NETWORK " Led NETWORK blinking RED"
However The SIM is ACTIVE, I see the provider “ORANGE” in parameters.
Do you have any idea ?

Hi @f.boulanger,

  1. What version of ALEOS is the LX40 currently running?

  2. Please share the log file and template file on the LX40 with me.

  3. The ORANGE carrier uses the following bands:
    B1 (2100 MHz)
    B3 (1800 MHz)
    B7 (2600 MHz)
    B20 (800 MHz)
    B28 (700 MHz)

    However, in the AirLink LX40 Series Software Configuration Guide, there is no support for these bands on Radio Module WP7601, WP7603. Therefore, the LX40 cannot connect to the network. Please use a SIM card from a different network provider.

Please refer to the “Setting for Band” section on page 504 of the following document for more information: https://source.sierrawireless.com/resources/airlink/software_reference_docs/airlink-lx40---configuration-guide/#sthash.mOh3wgi3.dpbs


Hello Jerdung,

1/ upgraded to the latest version.

2/ See attached logs.

3/ Screenshot below where you can find the Serving Network Operator :

What bands I found for LX40 so I’m surprised, why the TLX cannot connect to the network.

Thank you for your help.

Hi @f.boulanger,

It seems that you have omitted the log file attachment. Please double-check and reattach it.


Hi Jerdung,

Sorry for the delay, I wasn’t at the office.

See attached logs.

Thank you,

I cannot upload LOgs as as a new users, windows pop up appears with this message.
I can send you a link or anything else to download.

Hi @f.boulanger,

You can upload the log file and template file to Google Drive, then share the link with me.



See attached the link for logs.https://panoptes515-my.sharepoint.com/:f:/g/personal/f_boulanger_panoptes-fr_com/ErW3G6DoD3xFnASZ3ZEdSqUBktYsYphdFt6oyiNkhpaT1A?e=wem84o


Hi @f.boulanger,

  1. Please share the log file and template file with me, but in the attached link, you’ve shared the ALEOS firmware file. Could you double-check, please?

  2. Here are the instructions for obtaining the log file and template file:
    2.1. The configuration template file is in ACEmanager → Template, provide any name you desire for the Template Name, and then press Download to retrieve the template file.

    2.2. Collect logs procedure:

    a. Go AceManager > Admin > Log > Configure Logging

    Set all log levels to DEFAULT (NOTICE)

    Set Linux Syslog to DISPLAY

    Then click Apply

    b. Reboot the gateway.

    c. Go Admin → View log → Download Logs



Thanks for the procedure, at this time I’m not able to give you the logs required, I will do it next week.
However I have another question , we have to connect a software like Site Survey to the Rv. But it doesn’t run as we would like…
Do you have any idea which both ports and connections should we initialize between the soft and the RV? in general.
Thanks a lot.

Hi @f.boulanger,

If you have questions about another device, please create a new topic for easier tracking, and kindly provide a detailed description of the issue you are facing.