LX40 - Antenna not beeing used?

I’m havinge some issues with the LX40, where the signal strenght seems to be unaffected by the antenna.
There is only one connection point for the antenna, and marked with cellular, so not possible to connect it wrong.
Have tried with 5 different antennas, and same response. Antennas are cellular antennas, and LTE compatible.
Finding it really strange that it there is no differnce in signal strength. (Both RSSI(-82) and RSRP(-107) is unaffected).
RSRQ(.8) and SINR(17.8)

Using aleos firmware 4.16.0 and radio firmware WWP7702 (in norway).

The LX40 have some connection, so it manages to send out messages, but it is having some issues at times to receive them. I’d recon about 1 outta 10 messages is received.

Hi Richard,

That does sound strange. I have a few questions that might help you troubleshoot.

  1. Firmware. I see is the latest ALEOS, and I see you specified WP7702. I don’t know what the requirements are for your carrier. Are you sure you’re using the correct version of WP7702? There are multiple shown at https://source.sierrawireless.com/.

  2. Can you confirm your antenna connectors are SMA, and they are not reverse polarity connectors? That is, the antenna side of the connection has a pin that fits in the holes in the connectors on the LX40.

  3. The LX40 has two connection points for cellular, 1 primary and 1 diversity. When you connect both at the same time, do you see any change?

  4. Tell us more about the antennas. Gain?

  5. Does the connection state change? LTE? 3G? 2G? Also, what kind of connection are you expecting?

  6. Do measurements and connection state change when you move the antennas indoors or outdoors, or to different site?

I suppose that if I were very confident I am on the correct firmware and if none of those actions make any change on signal measurements, then I would suspect hardware failure.

Hi Henry,

  1. Yeah, the WP7702 is confirmed by our local supplier.

  2. Havent got the datasheets for the antennas, but the local IT guy(I’m supporting them remotely) is telling me that it’s SMA antennas. Have a new antenna enroute for testing.

  3. The version we’ve got only got one connection point. Im wondering if that could be the issue since LTE says that it requires 2 antennas(?)

  4. No datasheet, so I’m not sure,

  5. Shows at LTE/4G

  6. Connection state changes slightly if someone is touching the LX40 itself(RSSI to -56/RSRP-76).
    Moving the antennas/box changes nothing.

We are suspecting some hardware issue, and considering a new box anyways to use dual-sim/e-sim.