LXX40 - SMS receiving is unstable

I’m using a LX40 for alarm sms distribution, but also for allowing users to send commands to the top system via sms.
So my LX40 is receiving the sms and sending it to the Ignition top system where it’s decoded and processed.

My issue is that sending out sms’s is working as it should, instantly sending it the sms’es without any issue, but when operator is sending a sms to the LX40, it sometimes takes 5-10 or even 20 minutes before the LX40 seems to receive it.

Sometimes it seems no messages is comming through. I then need to reboot the LX40 for it to receive some new messages.
Anyone experienced similar issues?
Using a 1104180, with only one cellular antenna port.

Firmware is:

Gateway is set up as Control&Gateway, and not using the “Trusted Phone no” function.

I would normally blame the signal reception, but as far as I can tell, the signal is near perfect now.

Hi @richard
According to your screenshot, I see that your LX40 Airlink is connecting to the LTE network. For connect to LTE network, you must have two antennas connected to the LX40 Airlink.
Please connect an additional antenna to your LX40 Airlink. Then try again, do the issue still happens in this case?


There is only one cellular port on this LX40

Hi @richard
According to Sierra’s website and AirLink LX40 Hardware User Guide, the LX40 Airlink has a Cellular and Diversity antenna connector. For more details, please refer to Section 1 - Introduction to the LX40 on page 9 in the link below:

In this case, your Airlink LX40 only has an antenna connector. So I think you’d better contact your distributor for further support.