GX400 Constantly Loses Connection


I have a GX400 that constantly loses connection to the RF channel. It cycles through every 30 seconds or so and reports that “data connection failed…” and then “connecting to network…”. The funny thing is that I can finally get it to stabilize after several factory defaults… Also, this only happens when something is plugged into the ETH port of the EVDO???

The version of software and firmware are both set to the latest and greatest. The configuration on the EVDO is very minimal; GRE tunnel, SNMP, DHCP server on ETH interface, and that’s it from the defaults.

My carrier is VzW. I have not reached out to carrier as of yet because the EVDO is fine when nothing is connected and eventually stabilizes after several reboots.

Any ideas or thoughts would be extremely welcome!

Thank you!

This is what the log continually says:

Jan 1 00:17:59 info ALEOS_WAN_linkmon: Network State is now Data connection failed. Waiting to retry.
Jan 1 00:17:59 info ALEOS_NETSERV_Sys: CRSRDisableState accepting CRSRDisconnectEvent
Jan 1 00:17:59 info ALEOS_NETSERV_Sys: CForeignAgentDisableState accepting CForeignAgentDisconnectEvent
Jan 1 00:17:59 info ALEOS_WAN_SCR: PPPD return 16
Jan 1 00:18:00 err ALEOS_WAN_SCR: Connection Retry --> 1 (sleeping 10)

I am also having this same issue. Verizon is stating the Airlink is dropping the connection.