LX 60 loosing connectivity at 15 mins

Been working with an LX 60. Private verizon network. Connecting through AceManager to laptop ethernet. Routers are not my field of expertise. Here is the “physical” scenario. At start up, powere light goes red>green. 10 seconds more signal strength indicator and internet light flash red, few more seconds they go to green. Laptop has internet and can connect to AceManager. Was asked to upgrade FMware from 11.1 to 1.3 to ver 4.14.0… no changes were noticed. DMZ is manual, Host is static. Have spent hours and hours working on investigation with no positive result. When router is up, we can see internet traffic through our firewall. 15 minutes later I loose connectivity, internet and signal strength lights turn red and blink at the same time then alternate red.

Hi jery.hink,

The network and signal light flash in red that means the device is not in network coverage or it is in a location with poor signal.

I wonder if your device was in the location that had strong signal? Is there an antenna connected to Cellular antenna connector on the back of your device?


Hi jerdung! thanks for the reply. Yes sir, the LX60 has 2 antenna connections. Both are connected correctly.
We are in “good” cell service territory. On startup the signal and cell lights are maximum green. The communication lights indicate data activity from the laptop. Everything works fine. But the problem is that the router drops everything at 15 minutes. The power light is still on. Both signal lights go from solid green to red. Connectivity is lost, signal is gone. Unplug form main power, everything restarts, same thing. All good until 15 minutes then it crashes again and again and again. jer

Hi @jery.hink,

I think Sierra Wireless is aware of this issue. So, you can wait for the next FW will be released.