LX 60 Trouble shooting RED POWER LIGHT

Good day!

Was just wondering if someone could help me with an issue I’m currently having with my Airlink lx60. my office bought 3 of these guys to install in our company vehicles. after going through the motions of setting up the router (sim card included) and registering it online we can’t seem to get the things to boot up

We have tested all three routers through the power supply in the vehicle and they all boot up with a solid red light on the power LED (the manual says its the low voltage mode)

Problem is that when testing our voltages from the power sources we get a solid 12V. we have tested both vehicles and both read the same 12V. Unfortunately, nothing seems to get the router out of this low-voltage mode. we can’t even establish a connection through the ethernet cord in order to access acemanager

We have tried technical support and have been told to go through the RMA process but were wondering if there was something we didn’t do on our side as we find it hard to believe all three routers could be defective.

Thank you for your time reading this and hope you have a nice day

Hi @ryan3
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Please wait for the response of the RMA team to know the exact reason, but for prevention, you should use the power supply provided by Sierra. For more detail, please refer to section 2: Installation and Startup on page 16 in the link below: