Strange issues with MC7700

I’m having issues with an old new MC7700. I plugged it in this morning for the first time using Windows7 and it worked right away. It went right away on the network!!! After I powered it down and powered it back up Skylight would pop up but when I would push the connect button it would disconnect right away. I checked the APN and everything seems fine. After rebooting it now I’m getting nothing, when I plug it in Skyligh doesn’t pop up and when I open the app it says it doesn’t detect the modem. What could of happened from going on the internet with one click to nothing at all now!!!

I’m using a mPCIe to USB adapter.


Does same issue observed on different computer/USB port?

Can you find it in Device Manager?

Pay attention to “Universal Serial Bus controllers”, “Ports”, “Network Adapters” and “Unknown device” category.
This is to check is MC7700 power on and enumerate USB correctly.


I see it in device manager!!! I pluged it in this morning and Skylight poped up but same thing it won’t connect.