MC7700 software and gps

Hello, I’m new here using a CF-31 ToughBook, I installed the MC7700 and I think I installed the latest drivers. Now my issue is I cant seem to find any software gui to check on the MC7700. I was also hoping to find info on a gui on how to read from the gps port as I just installed a gps antenna and tapped it onto the gps port connection of the MC7700. If anyone has experience with this I would greatly appreciate your help!

see if this software helps:

On the gui it states “Sierra Wireless device not detected”

What is the return of the followings?


I’m sorry but I’m pretty new to these devices and I don’t know how to get those readings.

You can enter AT command in modem port with tera term tool

Unfortunately when I opened tera term I realized there wasn’t a serial port that I recognized for the MC7700 module. Nor do I know how to check how and where the MC7700 is recognized on the toughbook, but I do know windows 10 recognizes it and gives me a broadband login page for the device (or at least I think thats whats happening).

seems your Windows PC does not see the MC7700 module…