Sierra Wireless MC8790 - drivers for Win10 x86

I have obtained second-hand automotive computer with MC8790 . It came with no HDD so I installed HDD and installed Windows 10 x86.

I tried to search this forum and found this topic:

Someone suggested to download driver here:
But that page doesn’t work anymore due to SierraWireless web site re-design.

I cannot contact my sales/FAE as the company I purchased computer have no clue about drivers (I checked).

Can someone please help me to obtain MC8790 driver that would be suitable for Win10 x86?

Thank you very much!

Hi @deepaero

Did you try the below link?



Hi @mcaglar thank you very it worked!
For some reason modem cannot switch to 3G mode, all it provides is EDGE type of connection.
Do you know what needs to be done so it will work in 3G / UMTS mode? I’m in the UK, my mobile provider is O2, I use APN settings.

Thanks again

Hi @deepaero

I only worked with GPRS modems, I don’t know how to switch to 3G mode but if you read the documentation carefully I am sure that you can find the way. :slight_smile:

By the way, are you sure that the 3G service is activated by the GSM operator? If the SIM card is M2M, it may not support/activated 3G service. First of all, you need to be sure that the SIM card services are activated.

And one more thing, as far as I know, your problem (EDGE/3G siwtch problem) is not related with GSM operator or APN settings.



I see. Yes, service is activated, I use this sim card with my laptop that has GOBI2000 Sierra Wireless modem and it works fine with 3G.

I found some references of Sierra Wireless Suite that is capable of configuring these modems, changing modes etc. but all links to that software is long gone due to that re-design.