Drivers for MC7304 "GENEU W08/W10" for Windows 7

I´ve a Sierra Wireless AirPrime MC7304 QUALCOMM 4G with a label “GENEU W08/W10”. It works fine with Windows 10 but I can´t find drivers for Windows 7 and I have test a lot of them on a windows 7 Professional 64bits system.
Could this adapter works with windows 7 or only under Windows 8 or 10?


I’ve two (2) MA7304 modules installed on windows 7/10 pro 64 bit where using latest drivers for windows environment from sierra source website.

Hi Zainol69 and thanks for your reply,
Could you post the link of the drivers?
I´ve tested:


Have a good day and thanks. Please do download from below website … uild-4581/

I believe that SKU same as me as well. You can try Build 4464 and latest (Build 4581). One thing you could try taping pin #20 as well.

Didn´t work on my tablet:

And sorry, what do you mean with “Try taping pin #20 as well”?


Based on that image actually that MC7304 only missing for related network card driver that why shown only MC7304. Both related ports are shown as well as modem then you could flash with latest firmware for MC7304. Regarding taping pin #20 actually relating to hardware (disable signal) where by taping pin #20 you can enable signal. Beside this way you can set via AT commands ( refer to AT commands from related document).

I see MI_0c only there. This, USB interface #12, means that the modem is configured for MBIM and MBIM only (since Sierra assigns static interface numbers to different function types, using 12 for MBIM). MIM is supported in Windows8 and newer. For Windows7 you are better off reconfiguring the modem for QMI. Then you can use the driver downloads suggested earlier in this thread. See this link for information on how to configure the modem for QMI: