"ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection refused"

Hi, i am trying to upgrade the firmware but could not make, and shows a connection error

“ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection refused”

I restarted, pressed the reset button and i can ping but refuse connections. Could someone help me?

did you shutdown the firewall of module by
iptables -I INPUT -j ACCEPT

Thanks, i am able to connect now and i did it. But still i am not getting it into studio?
i have closed the firewall of windows.

Developer studio is also using ssh connection.
You can also try developer studio in linux pc.

i have downloaded the studio of linux but how to install?

Extract it and it should be ready to use

once i double click into “devstudio” it not opening the studio and i have java installed

Why did you download the 32 bit one

yes i did install 64 bit but it shows an error. probably visual studio plugin would be a good choise, please let me know, i am stopped here

Then you can try VS code as developer studio is going to be end of life

i am trying to do so but getting error, the picture attached. it seems that the bug is not fixed yet.

could you please help me to install since i am stopped here, my code and system design are ready to go. It was working before but now the mangoh module is not attaching.

I can provide teamviewer log id and pw to access the same PC that i trying to install.

i am following https://docs.legato.io/latest/tools_vsCodeInstall.html

You can have a look on this one:

Which ubuntu version are you using?
Are you using vmplayer?

Btw, your developer studio should be ok to compile the app.
You don’t really need to connect the module, you can ssh to module or scp the .update file to module for installation.

It is Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS and not using VMplayer. it is installed in the laptop separate partition. It seems that need to reinstall ubuntu?

you can try, but I don’t see problem on ubuntu 18

hi, again the module is connecting to linux machine

it is pinging but not able to login with ssh root@

as you said "did you shutdown the firewall of module by
iptables -I INPUT -j ACCEPT"

i cannot login to the module, how can i shutdown the firewall. i can shutdown PC firmware

Why you can connect before but now cannot?

I dont know actually, suddenly connected before and i did shutdown the firewall.

Then i don’t know about your pc either, you need to figure out what you had done before.
Definitely this is a pc instability issue