WP7608 not recognized by DevStudio

Hello All,
I just received five new WP7608 modules. I tested them on a mangOH-RED development board. This board has been tested with a good module and is working fine.
With the new modules, the PC can recognized all COM ports:
COM3 WWAN modem
COM4 DM Port
When I use putty to connect to It failed to connect.
DevStudio software also not recognized any module on the dev board.
Anybody has any suggestion on why PC can recognized the module but still
cannot connect using neither putty or devStudio?

can you “ping” from your PC?

What is the IP address at your PC side?

what is the “ifconfig ecm0” at module’s console port?

My PC’s IP address is
I cannot ping (Timeout)
I cannot execute “ifconfig ecm0” because I cannot log into module’s console port.

The mangOH-RED dev board has been tested good.
The WP7608 modules are brand new and supposed to work.
Really have no idea how to proceed testing.
Appreciate help from everybody.

you need to type this in PC first:

sudo ifconfig usb0

After that you should be able to ping from PC.

OK. But I am using Windows for development and not linux.
So “sudo” should not be applicable.
Tks for your advice.

For windows, go to control panel → Network and sharing Center → change adapter setting → find the ethernet icon with “Ethernet” which is the Sierra wireless ECM interface-> right click → property → click the properties of "Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) → set the IP address to, subnet mask to be

I followed your suggested IP settings but still got “Destination host unreachable”

It seems to me that the problem may not be the network settings.
PC seems can get access to the USB hardware and therefore can establish the COM ports.
Somehow, either the hardware or the firmware of the module is not working correctly and therefore cannot establish the network connection.
Unfortunately, as long as I cannot connect to the module, there is no way I can verify where the problem is.

Tks a lot for your advice.