Cannot connect to ssh

I have download fw13.3 docomo to wp7605 module but while download it was stop.
After i power-off and on again. I cannot connect to ssh any more.

How to fix this problem?

exars@exars-IStNX3-15HP038:~$ ssh root@
ssh: connect to host port 22: No route to host

do you see usb0 in dmesg when module power on?

No It doesn’t have usb0

in SW403 of mangoh yellow board, switch 2, if you put it to another side, do you see the USB port for download?

I didn’t use it with mangoh board. I have build my own board and soldier it to the board.

How can I do? Does it have any way to fix by don’t use mangoh board?

you can change state of pin 47 which is tp1_boot pin

the state is hardware state!!!

how to change the state ??

You can use a wire to connect to the pin

connect the supply power 1.8V??

Can you check product technical spec?

No ttyUSB ports detected; please make sure your device is connected and the udev rule is enabled, or try to power cycle the device.

Use -f option to bypass

how can i do??

do you change the TB1_Boot pin?
do you see /dev/ttyUSB port?

I have connect to the company reset board and change it to 0 but it have only usb0 the came from reset board doesn’t have from wp7605 and the power that came out from pin47 is 0V.

is it mean no power go through wp7605 module??
Can I give 1.8V from power supply?
do you mean after I switch pin47 to 0 the usb port will come out automatically?

the /dev/ttyUSB0 is for FW download