WP7610-G_1104125 LTE module reference schematics


We are designing an embedded product and is planning to use WP7610-G_1104125 module for 4G data connectivity as well as GPS. But I cannot find a complete reference design for the module, especially when it comes to the GPS part. Some parts of the reference design is available in the datasheet, but complete reference design would be helpful in getting our design right.

How about this?

Thanks for the response.

I have another question. What is DM port? I came across this when looking about the boot pin. Is it USB? Is it some sort of USB enumeration class? I see this in the datasheet
“If the device experiences six consecutive UVLO events less than 45 seconds apart
(approximately) and a host-initiated power down or reset has not occurred, the device enters a
mode in which only the DM port enumerates on the USB.”

Dm port is a usb port for collecting qualcomm network log.

Does that mean I can upgrade the firmware as long as I have connectivity to the module’s USB port and proper provision for controlling the boot pin? I am using the full fledged USB port and not HSIC and the USB port is connected to IMX8 processor from NXP.

Yes, fw upgrade is done via usb port

I have another question. How do I chose VDD_PX voltage. All my IOs are 1.8V. There seems to be various levels of VDD_PX available. How to configure the module to 1.8V?


The baseband of the unit is 1.8V so you do not need to ‘choose’ it, it is the only voltage the unit will operate on.

Couple of other clarifications.

  • Re the DM port, it is just a one of the USB end points that enumerates onto the host when connected.
  • For a reference design the mangOH red is probably better, the yellow specifically has a WP7702 soldered down onto it where a red has the snap in socket and has been proven to work with everything.



But I can see VDD_PX at other voltages like 1.2V nominal mentioned in the datasheet.