[SOLVED] Missing "Mihini for Generic Linux" package

I’m trying to connect my own Linux device to the M2M server.
So I have followed the documentation https://doc.airvantage.net/display/USERGUIDE/Connect+your+device for “Any Linux-based Device”
So far I have done step 1, but at step 2 I’m stuck.
I can’t find any package called “Mihini for Generic Linux” on our server. There is 3 packages for Mihini, but they are all deprecated?
How do I get my hands on the right package?


You should be able to find “Mihini for Generic Linux” in Develop > Public Apps.
Are you using na.airvantage.net or eu.airvantage.net?


I’m using edge.m2mop.net/
But I have registered to na.airvantage.net/ now and here I can see it.