MC7304 Integration with AirVantage

Hi all,

I am currently trialling an MC7304 in a Raspberry Pi zero based IoT device, connectivity has been fantastic…

I however am having real troubles getting the device to integrate with AirVantage, and this will be a massive ‘selling point’ to my team. Specifically my issue seems to be the makefile in both the QMI SDK and the (errors below).

I am following Rev 1.19 of the QMI SDK Integration Guide (Specifically 6. Deploy to Raspberry Pi), and having tried using both the lite and full versions of SQLS04.00.15 I’m getting the same error’s. Firstly the makefile pkgs.mak does not appear in /pkgs/


/pkgs/ does not appear to have a pkgs.mak :frowning:


When running the next step
I successfully run right through the build only to fail at the end as below…

Any help would be much appreciated, I’ve spent all week trying to nut this out with no luck :confused:

Thanks in advance

Further to this I have since flashed the pi with a full and updated raspbian installation. Still having no luck getting the
Airvantage agent running.

Following the integration guide isn’t helping me unfortunately, I’m sure I’m missing something simple here

with the SLQS04.00.15.bin.tar.gz or the latest SLQS04.00.16.bin.tar.gz extracted, and a clone of

you can build it, though iam having trouble once the run time is loaded on the pi with the shared libs both and being properly loaded, any to build it and get the runtime

cd build/lib
ln -s arm rpi
cd …/bin
ln -s arm rpi
cd …/…/SampleApps/AirVantageAgent ; ./ CPU=rpi