Connect custom devices to AirVantage Enterprise Platform?


I would be interested in using AirVantage as my data storage and device manager for my company’s custom devices/hardware and take advantage of all the APIs it offers. However, it seems that you need AirLink GWs and AirPrime nodes to use AirVantage. I’ve read something about the Airvantage agent and I wonder if you can embed this agent into your custom devices and make your own devices work by using this amazing m2m cloud platform.

Can someone clarify it?

Thank you.

Hi Molusquillo !

It is true that using AirLink gateways and AirPrime modules you get full advantage of the AirVantage M2M Cloud, however we have designed the AirVantage platform as an Internet-of-Things platform and as such have invested to help you connect 3rd-party devices.

I recommend you take a look at where we have released some tutorials about ‘how to connect 3rd-party devices’

In summary, you have two main ways to do so:

  • Either you put an AirVantage agent onto your device - for example, we have made available a Linux implementation, that you can get from the Open Source project Mihini ( ), but you could develop your own version on another embedded system
  • Either you use the AirVantage REST API that allows you to send information to AirVantage M2M Cloud, very easily and without constraints regarding the actual embedded platform. I strongly recommend you browse our Github repository, where everything is well described:

In any case, please feel free to contact me if you have any project you would like to work on, and we shall help you grow a sustainable business with your company’s devices and AirVantage M2M Cloud


PS: that said, you should still look at the AirPrime and AirLink products, who are also very well integrated and I am sure you will find some interest in those in conjunction with your company’s assets