is there any API available for middleware integration?


Hi All,

I have created a embedded application which communicates to airvantage portal.
I was wondering if I can route data from embedded application (or in real world scenario from m2m enabled device) to custom middle ware which ultimately deliver data to portal?
So, 1) is there any hooks or configuration available which will route data from device or embedded application to middle ware and
2) web services available to deliver data from middle ware to airvantage portal?

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Hi !
There is currently no “data routing” capabilities, so I would say the best way to handle this would be for your middleware to “read” data from AirVantage Portal. We are however looking at such features for the future.

And the other way around (middleware pushing data to Airvantage portal) is not something that we intended to support.
Especially, we are considering Airvantage Platform itself as a middleware, so hopefully you should not need much “additional middlewares”.

Seems like you have an interesting use case we should look into to better assess the relevance of our offering. Would you mind sending me a private message with a short description of your use case/architecture ?