AirVantage API Assist

Just reviewed the following video and curious about how I can access the data included in the following video / attached screenshot



After reviewing this once again, this suggests additional data is captured from the asset along with the network connectivity data.

  1. what mechanism updates the asset variable value in airvantage and how often?
  2. how would i locate the data shown in the attached screenshot via the api?


Asset data is updated by send data command.

You can write data value using " data writing " and update the same by sending notification or periodically using option “periodic”.


Yes indeed, it is the embedded system (hence embedded software developer) who determines the policies of sending data to the AirVantage M2M Cloud.
And we have server-side APIs to allow data retrieval/commands exchange between back-end servers as well.

I recommend you browse our Developer Zone and look into the tutorials if you want to know more about the APIs.

Depending on the embedded target you are considering (OpenAT-based, ALEOS-based, Linux, etc.), you might find several interesting tutorials/code samples in the ‘resources’ section

And also, if you want to do asset data manipulation, I recommend you look into the more recent AirVantage 4 version (the screenshots you have are extracts from the previous version)