Airvantage - AssetData Example


I’m trying to test the AssetData example, but itsn’t working the way I expected.

I’ve built the application on MangOH Green board and started the app. After this, I can see some data at the AirVantage timeline, but the graphic can’t plot the data, it says that the data was not found. I’ve noticed that when I start the AssetData the xml that I’ve created disconnect from the Airvantage.

[Data received]

[Error Message]
Read operation failure [home1.room1.AC.IsACOn: NOT_FOUND ,home1.room1.thermostat.roomTemp: NOT_FOUND ,home1.room1.roomName: NOT_FOUND ,home1.room1.thermostat.targetTemp: NOT_FOUND ]

Application Model (XML File)

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
       <!--<protocol comm-id="SERIAL" type="LWM2M">-->
         <!--<parameter name="AUTHENTICATION_TYPE" value="none"/>-->
  	 	<!--AUTHENTICATION_TYPE = hmac-md5 or hmac-sha1 or none (if you select none for authentication, you must select none for encryption)-->
  	 <!--<parameter name="ENCRYPTION_TYPE" value="none"/>-->
  	 	<!--ENCRYPTION_TYPE = aes-cbc-128 or aes-cbc-256 or aes-ctr-128 or aes-ctr-256 or none-->