HL Series support. Clouds with custom data


I represent a company which is developing car security systems. Now we are developing new car alarm system with GPS/GSM monitoring. We found AirPrime HL modules series interesting for our purposes. I’d like to ask you few questions about M2M Cloud system.

  1. Do I understand properly that Sierra provides cloud service, in which modules can send GPS coordinates and from which my application can read coordinates using some cloud API?
  2. Can I modify database in your cloud and transmit some of my custom data with GPS coordinates? How flexible is this systems? Can I add some new tables with relations or I can only have few fixed parameters into one table?
  3. What are the conditions of using Sierra cloud hosting? Is there any addition cost per module, subscription model, or price of this service is included into modules price?

Best Regards,
Vitaliy Zubkov

Hi Vitaly,

Here some information about AirVantage 1, our cloud:

  1. Yes it is! HL module are supported. You can send GPS coord to AirVantage using MQTT (from your host) or OMA DM (from the module). All the data can be read using REST API 2
  2. You cannot modify the database, you can send a list of data, organized in a tree. You can defined all that stuff in a file uploaded on the server. AirVantage will store all your data and you can get the history, last values from the API or display them in a widget in AirVantage. You can as well compute aggregated values. For example if you send the battery level for each car, you can compute the mean level for all your fleet (min, max and more) and get this value using the API or display the trend in a chart.

Many more information, resources, sample & tutorials on the AirVantage doc web site 3. Note you have a tutorial for HL modules (Menu How-to > Getting started with AirPrime HL Essential Modules).

  1. You can create a free trial account, see 3. There is an addition cost per module. If you want to know more, you can contact me with private mail.