LwM2M modules

Hi, I’m looking for the modules that support LwM2M protocal? Is there any products or roadmap for it?

Hi rui.zhou,

The modules that support the LwM2M protocol (Example: WP76xx (WP7607-1)).
Also, you can refer official link from Sierra for more information and purchase

Hi Donald, thanks for your feedbacks. However, I cant find that somewhere on the site where shows this type modules (WP76xx, i.e.) support LwM2M. And also which type LwM2M it used, like NB-IoT, Lora, sigfox, etc. I you could provide me more information on this point? or a list of all modules that support LwM22M if possible? thanks!

Hi rui.zhou,

It supports connection to AirVantage (https://eu.airvantage.net/) using the LwM2M protocol.
AirPrime - WP Series - AirVantage Software Over-The-Air Guidelines - 2174152 - Rev1.0.pdf (1017.6 KB)