Hl78 cat-m2


Is there a new firmware planned for the HL78 module which will support the CAT-M2 ?


Hi @philippe.surbayrole,

According to this link

If I’m not wrong, “CAT-M2” in your words means NB1 technology, right? If yes, HL78xx device already supports NB1 technology. Detail you can refer to here


Sorry,my question are for NB-IOT cat NB2, not NB1

Hi @philippe.surbayrole,

As the introduce of the HL78xx module from Sierra Wireless

This kind of module will support CAT-NB2 as part of 3GPP Release 14.

And so far as I know, this feature is being developed by SW and will be introduced soon. By the way, can I know what network will you use for CAT-NB2?


Hi Donald

We would test all new feature introduced by the release 14 in ours lab on a Amarisoft network.